Thursday, 24 February 2011

Blog sale! Benefit, Illamasqua, MAC, NYX etc

Hi guys,

I really need to get rid of some things because I am so poor right now and have far too much makeup!

I borrowed the rules from Livia

All Items will be shipped using Recorded Delivery.
Shipping Only to UK: £2.50 for 1 item, + 50p for the next, and so on

If you want something, please comment below with
Your Paypal Email Address
product(s) you want

I will send you a paypal invoice.

Paypal only

No returns/exchanges/refunds

Buyer is responsible for sanitising items

Illamasqua powder eyeshadow bronx, swatched once, never used £5

Illamasqua powder blusher unrequited, used once with brush, £10

Maybelline ambre rose, usage shown, £4

Bloom sheer colour cream, coy (can be used on cheeks and lips, peachy shade) used a couple of times, £3

Revlon lipstick in Blush (top) and soft rose (bottom), usage shown, £4 each or both £6

I also have Stila eyeshadow pans in Sajama and viola (sorry no photos) never been used £1 each + £1 packaging

Thanks guys

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

My skin saviour

I'm here again!

I was just getting ready for bed and thought I would do a quick post on this while I remember.

For the last few months (maybe a bit longer) I've had problems with spots, especially around my chin and jaw area. I tried so many different fash washes, creams, etc but it has only been since I re-discovered this product, hidden in the bottom of a box of stuff, that it has finally cleared up. I still have the occassional spot but it is a huge improvement on this time last month.

This amazing product is..

Simple soothing toner.

I think maybe my skin is more sensitive than I thought, and going for something with no perfume and colour like Simple products has really helped. I use it every morning after I wash my face and whenever I take my makeup off. I also use it everytime I have a shower, don't really know why but it seems to work! My skin feels so soft now.

The toner is available from loads of places (supermarkets, superdrug, boots etc) and is around £3 however Simple is 3 for 2 in Superdrug right now so I might have to try some other things!


Wow you wait for ages and they all come along at once! I've been wanting to do these posts for ages but my housemate took my camera hostage to use for her uni work.

Anyway the point of the post is a little review of Sue Moxley Famous Bronzing kit. These come in 3 different shades, 2 with bronzers in the top layer, and this one which has a highlighter in the top. I bought one of the bronzing ones for my other housemates Birthday so maybe she will let me swatch that one too at some point? They are £9, which I think is pretty good.

As you can see there is a lovely shimmery highlight powder in the top section, 2 lipsticks in the middle(I'd say they are lipstick rather than gloss due to the pigmentation and the fact that they apply with a slight shimmer rather than glossy finish)and in the bottom there are 4 eyeshadows which are all shimmery without being glittery. The two darker shades are well pigmented, especially the bronzey shade, and the lighter colours are lovely highlights. There is also the usually mini brushes, the lip one is not nice but as far as sponge applicators go this one is good. It is quite rubbery so it actually picks up the shadow well. I wouldn't have a problem using it if I needed to fix my eyeshadow in the day.

That being said the design of the palette makes it quite difficult to carry it around as it the bottom two sections twist out very loosely, so unless I found a way to keep it shut I wouldn't feel that it was secure in my bag.

So here are swatches, I think I need to change some settings on my camera as it seems to be making red/pink colours look lighter than they are. The other colours are accurate though. I need to sort that out because I want to take some photos of my new lipsticks, I am now on the hunt for a perfect red!

Overall I like this palette, especially the eyeshadows. I want to try out some more Famous products, I also have an eyeshadow in the old style packaging, which is my perfect taupe. When I got this I also noticed there were some new blushers, which were similar to the MAC wonder woman ones, as they have a larger section of blusher then a little section of highlighter. They look really nice although there were 3 shades but swatched there was not much difference. I think Famous is 3 for 2 on some products at the moment too.

Yer that was a little review!


Hi again,

just a quick NOTD and I apologise for the state of my hands/nails!

Boots 17 Smoke signal

Making me sad

Hi guys!

I was just on ebay and I am just shocked at the MAC fakes on there. Lady Gaga eyeshadow palette anyone? I feel so sorry for the people that fork out £20+ for this rubbish! There are loads of what look very similar to sleek palette with MAC ont eh front and the thing that I first noticed which made me start looking for other things was a 10 eyeshadow palette with a cruella de ville sticked on the front. Again £20. The same seller is also selling 18 shadow Chanel palettes. I'm no Chanel expert but I'm pretty sure they don't do palettes that big.

And the way that they all seem to be getting away with this is by writing M..A..C.. in the title.

It makes me wish that ebay was like facebook so I could comment on the items and warn people!