Thursday, 28 April 2011

First attempt

Hi guys,

Just thought I would show you my first try at leopard print nails. It's not great but it was easier than I thought and I can't wait to try it with other colours now.

I used Rimmel Rose libertine for main colour, Barry M raspberry for the dots and my sharpie pen for the outlines (I didn't trust myself to do it with nail art brush!) If you do it with eyeliner or a sharpie make sure you use top coat but as you can see I wasn't careful enough and the topcoat smudged the black!)

UPDATE I got bored so here's attempt 2!

Still not perfect but I like the colours better. I used Beauty UK Blue moon (love this colour but it takes a few coats and isn't the worlds most long lasting polish, can't complain for the price though!) Barry M Cobalt Blue (I seem to like Barry M for spots! probably because the pigmentation is so good)


Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Lucky streak :)

Hi again,

I had a very lucky week last week winning 2 lovely giveaways which put a huge smile on my face!

The first was Zoe's at Diamond Solitare. I won some lovely smashbox makeup which i've never tried before and was really excited about it. She also included some kimberly girls aloud lashes (I would definitely have chosen that style for myself), an ELF nail polish (stolen by my sister!) and some yummy choccies! (they didn't survive long enough to be in the photo)

Here are some pictures of the makeup.

How cute is the bunny on the shadow!

I am in love with this blusher trio. They are all so pigmented and I love the range of shades, a pink, a peach and a plum. It would definitely be perfect for travelling. I am so impressed with smashbox, will definitely be purchasing some more. Thanks so much Zoe, although you may have just caused me to spend more money :)

The second giveaway was Kerry-Ann's from Bleeding Beauty

Lots of lovely goodies! So far I have tried the passion fruit mask, which was amazing, I need to get some more! I love both of the lipsticks and would never have picked those colours myself. The dark purple looks really nice as a stain hopefully soon I will be brave enough to wear it properly! Again thank you Kerry-Ann!

Both girlies included a little note in the packages which were so sweet and reminded me of how lovely the blogging community can be.


Zebra nails x 3

Hi guys,

My dissertation is finally done so I have a bit more free time! I want to say a huge thank you to everyone that did the survey, it was a massive help!

Today I wanted to show you 3 different zebra print nails done by me and two of my best friends Anna and Katy. We all used a nail art polish, the ones with the really thin brushes. They all turned out quite different which is what I really love about free hand nail art.

Anna's (with rimmel green grass)

Katy's (she layered a purple polish over a dark grey and a matte top coat over that before doing the stripes)

And mine (over GOSH lavender love - my new absolute favourite, beautiful colour and only needs one coat)

Hope you like them

Monday, 4 April 2011


Hi guys,

I picked up at DARE magazine in superdrug today and was just flicking through when I saw that M.U.A are bringing out a professional range (so probably not £1) which includes eyeshadow trios that look pretty similar to the bourjois ones

image from google

Can't wait to check them out, although I don't think the article had a release date?