Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Blonde or Brunette

Hi guys,

My friend Anna asked if I could post this for her. Which looks better on her, blonde or brunette? I put a poll in the sidebar for answers.


Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Quick one - MAC DISCOUNT

Hi guys,

Just in case you didn't know debenhams currently has 10% off mac lipsticks and blushers as part of the beauty winners offers! Oh and the UD naked palette too

Happy shopping

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

TOP 5 - lipsticks

Hi guys,

today I wanted to share my top 5 lipsticks. I tried to get a mix of brands but couldn't help having a few mac ones in there!

My lips are naturally quite pigmented so I tend to stick with pink MLBB shades.

L-R mac laugh a lot LE, mac sophisto, MUA shade 13, GOSH soft'n shine in soft touch and mac patisserie

Swatches in the same order.

Without flash

With flash

As you can see some of them are quite similar. Sophisto really isn't as scary as it looks in the bullet. I love how bright and pigmented the MUA one is, but it might be a bit too pigmented as I had to scrub quite hard to clean the swatch off! Patisserie is about as nude as I think I can wear without getting a ridiculous obvious line between the inside and outside of my lips haha.

Hope this was interesting


Thursday, 28 April 2011

First attempt

Hi guys,

Just thought I would show you my first try at leopard print nails. It's not great but it was easier than I thought and I can't wait to try it with other colours now.

I used Rimmel Rose libertine for main colour, Barry M raspberry for the dots and my sharpie pen for the outlines (I didn't trust myself to do it with nail art brush!) If you do it with eyeliner or a sharpie make sure you use top coat but as you can see I wasn't careful enough and the topcoat smudged the black!)

UPDATE I got bored so here's attempt 2!

Still not perfect but I like the colours better. I used Beauty UK Blue moon (love this colour but it takes a few coats and isn't the worlds most long lasting polish, can't complain for the price though!) Barry M Cobalt Blue (I seem to like Barry M for spots! probably because the pigmentation is so good)


Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Lucky streak :)

Hi again,

I had a very lucky week last week winning 2 lovely giveaways which put a huge smile on my face!

The first was Zoe's at Diamond Solitare. I won some lovely smashbox makeup which i've never tried before and was really excited about it. She also included some kimberly girls aloud lashes (I would definitely have chosen that style for myself), an ELF nail polish (stolen by my sister!) and some yummy choccies! (they didn't survive long enough to be in the photo)

Here are some pictures of the makeup.

How cute is the bunny on the shadow!

I am in love with this blusher trio. They are all so pigmented and I love the range of shades, a pink, a peach and a plum. It would definitely be perfect for travelling. I am so impressed with smashbox, will definitely be purchasing some more. Thanks so much Zoe, although you may have just caused me to spend more money :)

The second giveaway was Kerry-Ann's from Bleeding Beauty

Lots of lovely goodies! So far I have tried the passion fruit mask, which was amazing, I need to get some more! I love both of the lipsticks and would never have picked those colours myself. The dark purple looks really nice as a stain hopefully soon I will be brave enough to wear it properly! Again thank you Kerry-Ann!

Both girlies included a little note in the packages which were so sweet and reminded me of how lovely the blogging community can be.


Zebra nails x 3

Hi guys,

My dissertation is finally done so I have a bit more free time! I want to say a huge thank you to everyone that did the survey, it was a massive help!

Today I wanted to show you 3 different zebra print nails done by me and two of my best friends Anna and Katy. We all used a nail art polish, the ones with the really thin brushes. They all turned out quite different which is what I really love about free hand nail art.

Anna's (with rimmel green grass)

Katy's (she layered a purple polish over a dark grey and a matte top coat over that before doing the stripes)

And mine (over GOSH lavender love - my new absolute favourite, beautiful colour and only needs one coat)

Hope you like them

Monday, 4 April 2011


Hi guys,

I picked up at DARE magazine in superdrug today and was just flicking through when I saw that M.U.A are bringing out a professional range (so probably not £1) which includes eyeshadow trios that look pretty similar to the bourjois ones

image from google

Can't wait to check them out, although I don't think the article had a release date?


Tuesday, 22 March 2011

My top 5... nail polishes

Hi again, 2 posts in 1 day!

I thought I would do a little series of my top 5 of different products, starting with nail polish. At the moment they seem to be mainly dark colours as I've been biting my nails a bit because of uni stress! Once they grow again I'm looking forward to wearing some bright summer colours again!

L-R Rimmel Your majesty, Rimmel Sky high, ELF Metal madness , Accessorize Aztec and Barry M Dusky mauve.

Of these my absolute fave at the moment has to be ELF Metal madness, I love the subtle multi coloured glitter in it, and it looks really cool with matte top coat too.

I seem to have a bit of a thing for metallics and interesting colours!


NOTD Rainbow!

Hi guys!

I've seen this on a few blogs recently (sorry can't remember which, if you know who or if it was you please let me know so I can link) and I thought it looked really cool.

I've never tried something like this before but i'm really happy with how it turned out.

Here's the polishes I used.

L-R 17 Fairy cake, 17 Seabreeze, Rimmel Green grass, GOSH Wild lilac and 17 Tropical Island and obviously Barry M instant nail effects (not pictured)

I used the pink as a base all over then just painted on random bits of the other colours. When it was all dry I put the Barry M over the top.

I think this is a really good idea for nail art newbies as its so easy but looks like it took ages!


Thursday, 17 March 2011

unashamed begging :)

Hi guys!

I don't know if I've mentioned it but the reason for my huge lack of posting at the moment is that I'm currently in the middle of my dissertation for uni.

I decided to do an online questionnaire, which is where you lovely people can help!
If you have a spare 5 minutes I would be eternally grateful if you could fill it in. The questionnaire looks at attitudes about children's play. It doesn't matter if you have kids or not, all are welcome! And if you know anyone that would also be wonderfully nice and also help me out could you please forward it to them. I would really like to get a range of different people taking part and I think the majority of the particpants will be 18-25 females with no kids so if you know anyone that doesn't fit into these groups that would be AMAZING!

Here is the link http://edu.surveygizmo.com/s3/491696/5325a4ca2371

Thank you!!

Sunday, 13 March 2011


Hi guys,

just to let you know there is lots left in my blog sale. I really want to get rid of it all so I am welcome to (sensible) offers on the prices


Friday, 4 March 2011

My new love!

Hello again!

As soon as I saw pictures of this on blogs I knew I had to have it! If there's two things I love it's neutral eyeshadows and pretty packaging so this is perfect.

17 limited edition spring collection metallic nudes £5.49

How gorgeous!There are 6 shimmery shades and the pigmentation of all of them is really good. I'm really loving wearing the colour on the far right with UD sin for everyday.

I would definitely recommend it, the only thing that could improve it would be not to have the little sponge applicator (mine is gone already) and bigger shadows.


Stila bargain + depotting

Hi guys!

Quite a few people posted about this last week but M&M direct are doing a great offer of stila eyeshadow pans for 99p!There's still a few now if you are interested.

I ordered a few (accidently got 2 of some of the colours which are in my blog sale now)and I also spent some time researching which palettes they would fit in. Obviously they could be put in a free form palette like a Z palette but I decided to get one with spaces in it from this ebay seller

As you can see from the photos the stila pans are a little bit small so they need something to keep them in place however MUA shadows fit in perfectly!

This was my first ever attempt at depotting (I did it with straightners) and the first few broke a little bit, oopsy!

let me know if you want any swatches

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Blog sale! Benefit, Illamasqua, MAC, NYX etc

Hi guys,

I really need to get rid of some things because I am so poor right now and have far too much makeup!

I borrowed the rules from Livia

All Items will be shipped using Recorded Delivery.
Shipping Only to UK: £2.50 for 1 item, + 50p for the next, and so on

If you want something, please comment below with
Your Paypal Email Address
product(s) you want

I will send you a paypal invoice.

Paypal only

No returns/exchanges/refunds

Buyer is responsible for sanitising items

Illamasqua powder eyeshadow bronx, swatched once, never used £5

Illamasqua powder blusher unrequited, used once with brush, £10

Maybelline ambre rose, usage shown, £4

Bloom sheer colour cream, coy (can be used on cheeks and lips, peachy shade) used a couple of times, £3

Revlon lipstick in Blush (top) and soft rose (bottom), usage shown, £4 each or both £6

I also have Stila eyeshadow pans in Sajama and viola (sorry no photos) never been used £1 each + £1 packaging

Thanks guys

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

My skin saviour

I'm here again!

I was just getting ready for bed and thought I would do a quick post on this while I remember.

For the last few months (maybe a bit longer) I've had problems with spots, especially around my chin and jaw area. I tried so many different fash washes, creams, etc but it has only been since I re-discovered this product, hidden in the bottom of a box of stuff, that it has finally cleared up. I still have the occassional spot but it is a huge improvement on this time last month.

This amazing product is..

Simple soothing toner.

I think maybe my skin is more sensitive than I thought, and going for something with no perfume and colour like Simple products has really helped. I use it every morning after I wash my face and whenever I take my makeup off. I also use it everytime I have a shower, don't really know why but it seems to work! My skin feels so soft now.

The toner is available from loads of places (supermarkets, superdrug, boots etc) and is around £3 however Simple is 3 for 2 in Superdrug right now so I might have to try some other things!


Wow you wait for ages and they all come along at once! I've been wanting to do these posts for ages but my housemate took my camera hostage to use for her uni work.

Anyway the point of the post is a little review of Sue Moxley Famous Bronzing kit. These come in 3 different shades, 2 with bronzers in the top layer, and this one which has a highlighter in the top. I bought one of the bronzing ones for my other housemates Birthday so maybe she will let me swatch that one too at some point? They are £9, which I think is pretty good.

As you can see there is a lovely shimmery highlight powder in the top section, 2 lipsticks in the middle(I'd say they are lipstick rather than gloss due to the pigmentation and the fact that they apply with a slight shimmer rather than glossy finish)and in the bottom there are 4 eyeshadows which are all shimmery without being glittery. The two darker shades are well pigmented, especially the bronzey shade, and the lighter colours are lovely highlights. There is also the usually mini brushes, the lip one is not nice but as far as sponge applicators go this one is good. It is quite rubbery so it actually picks up the shadow well. I wouldn't have a problem using it if I needed to fix my eyeshadow in the day.

That being said the design of the palette makes it quite difficult to carry it around as it the bottom two sections twist out very loosely, so unless I found a way to keep it shut I wouldn't feel that it was secure in my bag.

So here are swatches, I think I need to change some settings on my camera as it seems to be making red/pink colours look lighter than they are. The other colours are accurate though. I need to sort that out because I want to take some photos of my new lipsticks, I am now on the hunt for a perfect red!

Overall I like this palette, especially the eyeshadows. I want to try out some more Famous products, I also have an eyeshadow in the old style packaging, which is my perfect taupe. When I got this I also noticed there were some new blushers, which were similar to the MAC wonder woman ones, as they have a larger section of blusher then a little section of highlighter. They look really nice although there were 3 shades but swatched there was not much difference. I think Famous is 3 for 2 on some products at the moment too.

Yer that was a little review!


Hi again,

just a quick NOTD and I apologise for the state of my hands/nails!

Boots 17 Smoke signal

Making me sad

Hi guys!

I was just on ebay and I am just shocked at the MAC fakes on there. Lady Gaga eyeshadow palette anyone? I feel so sorry for the people that fork out £20+ for this rubbish! There are loads of what look very similar to sleek palette with MAC ont eh front and the thing that I first noticed which made me start looking for other things was a 10 eyeshadow palette with a cruella de ville sticked on the front. Again £20. The same seller is also selling 18 shadow Chanel palettes. I'm no Chanel expert but I'm pretty sure they don't do palettes that big.

And the way that they all seem to be getting away with this is by writing M..A..C.. in the title.

It makes me wish that ebay was like facebook so I could comment on the items and warn people!

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Giveaway winner!

I put all the entries in a spreadsheet and used random.org to pick one entry and the winner is..........................................................................

Jennifer from follow your fancy

I am sending you an email now to get your choice of MAC product and details.

If the winner doesn't reply within 3 days I will pick a new winner

P.S. I will be posting my 100 followers giveaway soon so there will be another chance to win for everyone else!

Monday, 24 January 2011

Huge combined haul post

Hi guys,
my giveaway ends at midnight tonight so hurry if you would like to enter!

Just thought I would show you what I have been buying recently, which is loads as got student loan at the start of the month :)

Also there are a couple of prizes I have won recently in giveaways that I want to say a huge thank you for to the bloggers they were from

So I will start with the things I have bought (all bought by me!) in superdrug/boots etc

Beauty UK palette 5 - more purple in real life, it looks blue here, basically my fave colours in one palette - very happy with this bargain
Beauty UK Metallic sparks pencil in silver - I saw these reviewed on Lipglossiping and they looked gorgeous
ELF waterproof eyeliner pen -I've had a few of these before and love them!
ELF eyeshadow quad in day 2 night - very impressed, the taupey shade is amazing!
ELF Mist and set - this was free with the order and I like it so far
Forgot to take photos of the ELF nail polishes I got but they are twinkle and metal madness I think!
Nails inc and coke heather grey - I've got this on now, i like it but don't love it
Evie @ Peacocks blusher - very impressed with this, lovely colour
17 photo flawless lashes - great mascara but can't see any colour in it, just looks black to me!

Next is an order I made from allcosmeticswholesale

L'oreal HIP cream shadow paints in steely and nervy - I have wanted to try some things from this brand for ages, wish they did it in the UK!
L'oreal voluminous carbon black - I've had the regular black one for ages and loved it but this is amazing!
MAC lipsticks in on hold and laugh a lot - laugh a lot I got as a back up because I love it so much but this looks slightly different to the other one, neither are from mac so I guess one or both is fake!although ACW states that everything is genuine.

Next is things I have bought from blog sales. Sorry I can't remember who I got some of them from, I took too long to do this post!
The first is from Vex in the city Thanks Yinka!

MAC liberty of London shell pearl - backup because I used it most days
MAC Cream colour base pearl - heard a lot of good things about it so really wanted to try it!
MAC lipstick sophisto - love it already!

Next are 2 mac lipsticks, sorry can't remember who from, please let me know if it was you so I can link it!sorry awful photo too!

MAC viva glam cyndi - again I heard alot about this and it is gorgeous!
MAC blueblood lipstick - very pretty!

Then these nail polishes I bought from Lydia Thank you!

China glaze custom kicks - I want to do a comparison of this with rimmel sky high, they look very similar
China glaze fifth avenue - I love this kind of dusky pink!
MAC bad fairy - I really wanted this but it sold out, this is definitely comparable with Accessorize pink spice, I'll do that soon!

And now my lovely lovely prizes!

In December I won the beautiful Rosh's giveaway and the prize was to choose a MAC lipstick and eyeshadow, amazing!

So I chose sweetie lipstick and silver ring eyeshadow (which is my first from mac!) They are both lurrvely!Thanks so much!

Nearing the end now (promise!) Recently I won lovely Chrissy's giveaway and the prizes were to chose 2 things from lush and a MAC blusher!

I have never bought anything from Lush before so I asked Chrissy to chose for me, and what she got me was sweetie pie jelly and a soap (sorry don't know which but it smells amazing!!!!!) Looking forward to trying these out!
And I chose pink swoon blusher as I've never had a MAC blusher and I've heard so many lovely things about this recently (I think lovely is my new favourite word, need to be more creative!) It didn't disappoint, it is a very pretty pink, perfect for everyday.

AND... I can't believe how generous Chrissy was, she included an ELF mini makeup collection too! It is so cute and has everything in it (blusher, bronzer, eyebrow powder, lip glosses, eye shadows and an eyeliner!) Also there were some little sweeties which I shared with my housemates! Thanks so much Chrissy, I love everything!

At last I have reached the end, I applaud you if you have read all of this!Please just let me know if you want more details (!) photos or reviews. I need to wait for some daylight to do swatches!

I will be back tomorrow or Wednesday (depending how long it takes to sort out the entries) to announce THE WINNER!!


Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Amazing giveaway

Hi guys!

more than 100 followers now, I need to think of prizes for the next giveaway! There's only 5 days left to enter now!

Just to let you know about Laura's amazingly generous giveaway. The prizes are 5 MAC lipsticks of your choice!I would be in heaven!

enter here

Friday, 14 January 2011

Wow - update

Hi guys,

wow I now have 84 followers, at this rate I will have to start my 100 follower's giveaway as soon as this one ends!

Anyway the point of the post is that I noticed that while there are a lot of new followers, there are not as many comments on the giveaway post so if you want to be entered don't forget to comment on it.


Sunday, 9 January 2011

CLOSED 50/60 Followers Giveaway CLOSED


Hey guys!

Wow I have now got 60 followers!I said I'd do a giveaway at 50 so it's a bit late but better late than never!

So here goes...

The prizes will be

Anything from MAC which costs £15 or less!So if you always wanted to try a cream colour base or fix+ you could chose them,or a lipstick/eyeliner, whatever! As long as I can buy it in store. I will get a shortlist from the winner in case things are out of stock.

Also some other surprise goodies including Soap and Glory, Barry M etc.

How to enter -
1) current followers get +1 entry (I am making a list now)
2) comment on this post with your favourite beauty buy under £10 (+1 entry)
3) if you link in your sidebar/on your blog you will get +1 entry (active blogs only please) link if you do this please

* open internationally
* please get permission if you are under 16
* must be a follower
* the winner will be chosen using random.org

Closes on Sunday 23rd January at midnight GMT (2 weeks)

Good luck everyone

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Bold tag

Found this old tag on The Brunette Diaries, thought it was interesting so here ya go!
I miss somebody right now.
I dont watch TV these days.
I wear glasses or contact lenses.
I love to play video games.
Ive tried marijuana.
I have been in a threesome.
I have been the psycho-ex in a past relationship.
I believe honesty is usually the best policy.
I have changed a lot mentally over the last year.
I carry my knife/razor everywhere with me
I'm TOTALLY smart.
I've broken someone's bones.
I'm paranoid sometimes.
I would get plastic surgery if it were 100% safe, free of cost, and scar-free.
I need money right now.
I LOVE sushi.
I talk really,really fast.
I have long hair.
I have lost money in Las Vegas.
I have at least one sibling.
I have worn fake hair/fingernails/eyelashes in the past.
I couldn't survive without Caller ID.
I am usually pessimistic.
I have a lot of mood swings.
I have a hidden talent.
I'm always hyper no matter how much sugar i have.
I am currently single
I have pecked someone of the same sex.
I enjoy talking on the phone.
I practically live in sweatpants or PJ pants.
I love to shop.
Enjoy window shopping.
I would rather shop than eat.
I don't hate anyone.
I'm a pretty good dancer.
I'm completely embarrassed to be seen with my mother.
I have a cell phone.
I believe in God.
I watch MTV on a daily basis.
I have passed out drunk.
I've rejected someone before.
I have no idea what i want to do for the rest of my life.
I want to have children in the future.
I have changed a diaper before.
I've called the cops on a friend before.
I'm not allergic to anything.
I have a lot to learn.
I have been with someone at least 10 years older or younger.
I am shy around the opposite sex.
I have tried alcohol before.
I have made a move on a friend's significant other or crush in the past.
I own the South Park movie.
I would die for my best friends.
I think that Pizza Hut has the best pizza.
I have used my sexuality to advance my career.
I love Michael Jackson, scandals and all.
Halloween is awesome because you get free candy.
I watch Spongebob Squarepants and i like it.
I am happy at this moment.
I'm obsessed with guys.
I study for tests most of the time.
I tie my shoelaces differently from anyone I've ever met.
I am comfortable with who I am right now.
I have more than just my ears pierced.
I walk barefoot wherever i can.
I have jumped off a bridge.
I love sea turtles.
I spend ridiculous money on makeup.
Plan on achieving a major goal/dream.
I'm proficient in a musical instrument.
I worked at McDonald's restaurant.
I hate office jobs.
I love sci-fi movies.
I think water rules.
I went college out of state.
I like sausages.
I love kisses.
I usually like covers better than originals.
I can pick up things with my toes.
I can't whistle.
I can move my tongue in waves, much like a snakes slither.
I have ridden a horse.
I still have every journal I've ever written in.
I can't stick to a diet.
I talk in my sleep.
I try to forget things by drowning them out with loads of distractions.
Climbing trees is a brilliant past-time.
I have jazz in my blood.
I wear a toe ring.
I have a tattoo.
I can't stand at LEAST one person that i work with.
I am a caffeine junkie.
I cosplay or know what cosplaying is. i know what it is
I have been to over 15 conventions.
I will collect anything, and the more nonsensical the better.
I'm an artist.
I only clean my room when necessary.
I like a person of the same sex.
I love being happy.
I am an adrenaline junkie weight:bold;">

Friday, 7 January 2011


Hi guys,
just a quick post to let you know about something I saw today. I was just having a wander around superdrug and saw that GOSH have a lot of their best products on half price offer at the moment, including the velvet touch eyeliners, nail polishes and eyeshadow trios and quads.

I got a soft n shine lipbalm as well as some non-gosh stuff which I will take photos of later

Hope this is useful