Friday, 29 October 2010

Accessorize haul and first thoughts

Hi guys,
Firstly you might have noticed that I finally got a proper camera so my pictures are decent quality at last! woop!

Like alot of people I was really excited when I heard/read about the new Accessorize makeup range, so I made an order pretty much the day it came out (16th). I don't know if it was because it was brand new or because they were extra busy but my order only arrived yesterday. That's 12 days, pretty slow in my opinion. But anyway on to the actual products.

They came really well packaged, in a box with pink tissue paper, bubble wrap and each product was in a individual sealed bag (fantastic idea, all online retailers should follow this example, because I have seen blog posts on nail polish bottles smashing during the delivery process. If this had happened at least the rest of the products would have been fine)

Firstly I ordered the merged blusher in starlet. These have been compared to Mac MSFs due to the domed shape and the merged colours. I have only used this today but so far I like it. It reminds me a little of VV Briar rose but not quite as bright. It has the same glowy quality, without being glittery and creates a natural looking flush on me. I also loves the packaging of this (massive butterfly lover)

Next is the volumising mascara, which again I have only used once so far. Gorgeous, gorgeous packaging though! I have been using mostly Loreal voluminous for the last few weeks so I compared it to this. For a volumising mascara I didn't notice much volume (especially in comparison to the loreal) however it holds a curl really well, lengthens pretty well and my favourite thing is the separation. Wow this stuff separates my lashes and it seems impossible to clump it! Even though the formula is a bit on the wet side (I had a few smudges on my upper lid, but I get this with pretty much every mascara) Overall I think this is a great everyday mascara which gives a more natural look than the loreal so I will continue to use it.

I was probably most excited by the duo chrome style nail polishes and I ordered 4 of these in (L-R) Aztec, bronze, pink spice and purple dream. I have only tried on of these so far, pink spice as I thought it looked quite similar to Mac VV bad fairy. I'll let you see what you think from the photos.

I don't have bad fairy (so sad) but from the photos I have seen it looks quite similar although in the accessorize version the duo chrome effect is not so obvious. It is mainly a sort of metallic pink although in certain lights I can see a goldy bronze flash. Very pretty in it's own right anyway. I only put it on last night so I'll have to update with the wearability.

I am still obsessed with Barry M instant nail effects and have to try it over everything so here's a picture of that!

Sorry this was so long!

Monday, 25 October 2010

Good customer service

Hi guys,

I've read quite a lot of posts about the importance of good customer service, with some people having some horrible experiences so I thought I would just share a positive story.

Last week I saw on Lipglossiping that Nails Inc were doing a one day special offer on a Polish Mania gift set, which was 10 full size polishes for £25!! So I ordered straight away. Unfortunately when it arrived one bottle was chipped and scuffed on the silver lid I sent an email to customer services and they replied within a day to say they would send a replacement straight away and apologised for the problem.

I am really impressed with their customer service - well done Nails Inc!

Thursday, 14 October 2010


Hi guys,

Rimmel lasting finish Your Majesty with Barry M instant nail effects

I love this! The silver is one of my faves on its own and i think it looks amazing with the crackle pattern over the top.

I'm really loving the Barry M nail effects. It was an effort to find one, it was sold out in Boots and Superdrug here but I found it in Superdrug in Birmingham at the weekend, last bottle there!

Wednesday, 13 October 2010


Hi guys,

This is a tag post started by Cat at Reaching for the Stars

Basically what you do, is type the words in bold into your iTunes (media player, winamp) library, and write down the first song that comes up!!

Happy Merry happy/ Little red - Kate Nash

Love Love, love, kiss, kiss - Alkaline Trio

Hate All these things I hate - Bullet for my Valentine

Light The all night lights -36 Crazyfists

Dark Dance in the dark - Lady Gaga

Good Just be good to green - Professor Green and Lily Allen

Bad Good girls go bad - cobra starship and leighton meester

Smile make you smile - +44

Cry Stop crying your heart out - Oasis

Girl Lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off - Panic! at the disco

Boy Contemplations of the modern rudeboy - The skints

Sad Sick sad little world - Incubus

Lost Lost and Rendered - Alkaline trio

There ya go, feel free to join in!